3D Modeling in Star Fighter X2

For today’s post I’m going to quickly discuss some of the work that went into the design of the combat drones used in the game.

As is typical in game development, you need a quick way to prototype and determine if a game is actually fun to play.  One of the key elements of the game is the spaceship that you control, so that was the first logical thing to mock up.

I quickly came up with some simple spaceship graphics to see how they would work during game-play.  Here is a sample image for one of the first spaceship designs:

Look at that fine workmanship!  As you can tell, I’m clearly not a designer.  However, it did setup a foundation on where we could take the look of the ships.

Our fearless designer, Mike Berg, took a look and said, “yeah, let me um… fix that up for you”, and he started working his magic.  I’d like to present to you a teaser video of the process involved in making the ships for Star Fighter X2.

This is a stop motion video consisting of screen captures taken every 10 seconds over a few hours.  It’s awesome to see the progression.

After the model was complete Mike rendered the ship and pumped out some 2D images from the perspective of looking at the ship from above.  We think the pre-rendered ships in the game look great and here’s a quick sample of how they’d (almost) look…

Combat Drones

The final product after hours of modeling.

Mike has written up a post on the process and methods he used to create this work in his next blog post for #iDevBlogADay.  Check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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